Septic Tank Cleaning Kerry Cork

Septic Tank Cleaning in Kerry and Cork and limerick

Kerry Cleaners Septic Tank Cleaning Department provides waste removal services to both residential and commercial properties across Ireland.  We specialise in de-sludging septic tanks, wastewater treatment systems, cleaning grease traps and drain clearance, we also supply and sell top quality fully certified products to treat the sewage outflow from houses.

Our experienced team will ensure you receive an efficient, cost effective service.

How often should you empty your Septic Tank?

Septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems should be emptied at least once a year to reduce the chances of developing blockages in your pipes/system and to prevent overflowing.

We provide regular emptying services at intervals to suit you, scheduled to suit your needs, but we can also help in emergency situations or once off cleanings.

How often you empty your septic tank might also be determined by its size and/or what kind of waste goes into it,chemicals,  grease, oil or other pharmaceuticals.

What to do with Septic Waste.

Septic waste you can recycle water, wastewater generated from household activities that involve water, such as taking a shower or bath or washing up. Recycling is a good cost effective choice. We have a range of Rainwater Harvesting Products for Sale in Kerry and Cork.

Roof Washing Gutters Cleaning in Kerry

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Munster Roof Washing, Gutters, Patio, Fascia & Soffit, Driveway, Wall Washing & Cleaning Services Soft Washing Contractors

Soft Washing Experts in Kerry

Soft Washing Contractor Kerry. The Risk Free Way to Wash Roofs, Wall, Paintwork, Tiles, Slates and Patio’s, driveways all external surface can be cleaned using our soft washing techniques.
We hope you can find everything you need. Munster Soft Washing is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. If you require a service that is not listed call us and we will advise.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please contact us.

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!

50% off Patio Cleaning When You book Gutter Cleaning – Call Now or email us for a free quote

Gutter Fascia & Soffit Cleaning If your house business or factory rain gutters are blocked, you can have them cleaned & Washed Locally.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Munster Have Your Windows Cleaned From As Little As €20. Superb Quality & Fully Insured. Contact Us Today! Call…

Roof Cleaning & Sealing

Roof Cleaning & Sealing against the elements in Cork, Limerick and Clare Roof may looks dark and dirty, it is…

Our Roof Cleaning Services include…

Soft Washing Cork

Clean Moss On Slate Roof

Cleaning Natural Slate Roof

Roof Cleaning Cork, Limerick, Clare

All City Roofers Roofing Contractor Chimney

Roofing Contractor

Wild Atlantic Way Construction Roofing in Cork Kerry and Limerick.

Wild Atlantic Way Construction have been roofers for over 20 years. We specialise in re-roofing and natural slate roofing work, tiling and slating of new roofs which include natural slate, fibre cement, concrete and clay tile. We are contractors for lead work for chimneys and valleys, fitting of Velux windows and general roof maintenance. We are specially suited to re-roofing and extensions.

We supply an excellent, quality and reliable roofing service for Ireland. Ensuring your peace of mind a keen and competitive pricing.

Contact us for quotations which will be tailored to your individual budget and roofing requirements. We are happy to provide references on request and a showcase of previous roofing works and testimonials are available on pages as well as examples.

Stonework Contractor

Renovated House in Kerry

Stonework Contractor in Cork Limerick Kerry Ireland.

Wild Atlantic Way Construction provide a full Masonry Contractor Service, catering to industrial, commercial and domestic and all residential sectors in Ireland.


Wild Atlantic Way Construction Stonework Contractors

We take pride in our ability to specialize in residential custom natural stonework and bespoke fireplaces builds. We do all this while working closely with the contractor or client in order to provide the best stone work/mason. We cater to our client’s specified look and style or stonework, and constantly strive to go over and above what is asked of us.

Our dedicated stonemasons can create and customize a fireplace from the ground up using a variety of colours and textures. Our stone is always handpicked from selective quarries to guarantee its unique look and pattern to suit our client’s needs.

Stonework Contractor Wild Atlantic Way Construction

Our dedicated craftsmen create custom fireplaces which will add warmth to any fireplace while re-creating a look and feel of ‘old world charm’. Some common patterns we use when building custom fireplaces.


Our client base is largely based on referral and repeat business.
We provide complete building solutions, blockwork bricklaying roofing and foundations in Kerry Cork and Limerick for Ireland.

Building Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance Contracts

Homebound offer Roofing Solutions we currently offer a service whereby we can be retained by a client to aid them with their roofing needs, either renewal of roofs or simply fixing a leak caused by others.

Roof leaks can cause long-term building damage, immediate damage to building equipment and contents and can disrupt the residents or workers of a building.

With this in mind and knowing how much damage water can cause we offer a same day call out service to all our clients.

Our service includes providing regular maintenance and identifying potential failure in your roofing system, scheduling roof repair activities over the life of the roof.

Our roof management services Roof stability Reports, outlining maintenance schedules, leak history, repair history and any other relevant information about the roof.

General layout and wording of our Maintenance Contract

The contract provided by Homebound provides the following and maybe changes to suit the client:

  • 2 site visits to inspect roof with visits to be conducted during Spring and Autumn. Two weeks notice will be given prior to conducting inspection.
  • The inspection will include the following:
    • Removal of gathered residues such as mud, debris, leaves etc.
    • The outlets will be cleaned and unblocked to maintain the functionality of the existing waterproofing layer.
    • The gutters will be cleaned and unblocked
    • Defective fixings replaced
    • An Electronic Integrity Test will be conducted where possible to check roof.
    • Remedial Works as required.
  • A written report in conjunction with an updated maintenance schedule will be provided within five working days of inspection. The report will consist of the following: maintenance items, conditions of roofing membrane and flashings, distressed locations, explanations for repairs and photographs.
  • If possible a roof plan including drawings, deck type, specifications, warranty and the details of any changes made to the roof system should be provided to M&S prior to commencement.
  • 24 hr Emergency call out option available if annual contract is agreed.
  • Roof maintenance will also ensure you have taken reasonable steps to prevent accidents and comply with the provision of the Health Safety Acts.

The key benefit of regular maintenance is that potential problem is discovered before they become an issue. It is never too late to implement. Good maintenance will enhance the lifespan of your roof which will ultimately be cost-efficient and improve operational reliability.

Following an extensive initial inspection, we will tailor the maintenance plan for your needs and confirm the annual cost.

Copper Roofing

Copper Roofing Slabs used by Homebound.

Cooper Roofing Installation & Repairs Kerry Cork Limerick

Copper has been used as a waterproof roofing material since ancient times and can be sometimes seen as greenish roofs and domes on today’s buildings. This colouring is the reaction of air with copper which creates an additional protection against corrosion.

Firstly copper oxide forms, followed by cuprous and cupric sulphide then subsequently the green layer of copper carbonate, called verdigris or patina.

We use tried and tested copper roofing fixings and techniques make copper the ideal trouble-free building material for roofing, cladding, flashings, gutters, downpipes and other architectural details.

Advances in technology and techniques, machinery and fixing technologies have greatly reduced costs, which enables copper to be used in a greater variety of building situations than in the past.

Copper is rolled to thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 1.0mm, but 0.6 to 0.7mm thickness is usually used for roofing. It can be worked at any temperature and does not become brittle in cold weather. It is available in sheets or strips and is generally regarded as a lightweight covering.

Careful consideration is paid to the design of each copper roof, particularly where complex three-dimensional corners found at chimneys, gullies and valleys, must maintain junction integrity. The complex junction pieces must be carefully patterned and folded tight to ensure a complete seal.

Over the years we have been providing solutions, we have developed custom solutions for nearly every type of situation, as well as the ability to resolve any unique challenge.

There are then two basic fitting methods: the roll baton or standing seam methods. When using the roll baton method, batons are securely fixed to the deck, forming the bays which are a characteristic feature of these roofs. The copper bays are formed to the exact specifications of your roof, and fixed into the prepared bays. Cappings and trims are welted on to provide a watertight seal at all the joins.


Using the standing seam method, the copper is secured to the roof by the means of stainless steel clips, fitted between the upstands of the copper bays, which are then welted together.

Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Your home’s landscaping makes up its character. Its personality can bring admiration or nasty comments.

The costs for landscaping will hinge on your ambitions.

Landscaping should reflect your style? Or are you revamping your own yards? Regardless of the starting point, start with the big questions before you even start thinking about designs.

First ask yourself what do you want out of your landscape?

Do you need to create more privacy and security?

Do you want a landscape that requires little water or maintenance or do you want flower or vegetable beds snf will keep your hands covered with dirty all year round?

Landscaping projects can be expensive or affordable. They can be as simple as having a small lawn with a few flower beds or as complicated as having extensive rolling hills and pathways, with carefully chosen plants and trees.

They could include decks, ponds, decorative concrete pathways, outdoor misting systems and even fountains and waterfalls. This is an area that makes sense to find a landscaper. Homebound can give you quotes on different size projects.

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In Kerry Rock Street Tralee 066 7199021

Dennehys Cross Cork City 021 4800738

Roches Street Limerick 061 440556

For 24-hour Service Call Chris on 087 4639220

Concrete Driveway Installation

Kerry Cleaners Driveway Installation

Your Driveways is an essential part of any garden providing for both vehicular and pedestrian access to your property. We use a range of materials from natural gravels and edging to precast or man-made brick paving to create a functional and welcoming entrance to your property.

Kerry Cleaners employ a highly trained and experienced team of fitters who can complete your driveway installation in easy steps with a minimum of disruption to our clients lifestyles.

We excavate to a level and fill the area with hardcore.

Concrete is then poured, flattened and strengthened with fiber mesh or steel.

We then cut the expansion joint which prevents surface cracking or sinking in the newly installed driveway.

Types of driveway sealers

The most common types of driveway sealers are acrylic-resin based. Acrylic sealers provide the best performance characteristics for the cost, and they often are blended with epoxies, polyurethanes or silicones to improve performance, durability and water resistance.

Acrylics, themselves, are also available in different forms, with some types delivering better performance than others.

Styrene acrylic is a lower-performance acrylic resin that may yellow and degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. The best type of acrylic is a virgin or pure acrylic resin.

These sealers will last longer than styrene acrylics, with no yellowing.

Garden Landscaping Maintenance

Garden Clearance Landscaping Homebound

 Garden Clearance Landscaping Services Equipment Property owners get a sense of joy in keeping that they keep their garden landscaped and tidy.

Our Property Maintenance & Management team can provide you with the digging equipment including an experienced driver. We will be delighted to assist you with your gardening needs.

Garden or Garden Clearance

We can take the work out of disposing of your rubbish with our clearance service.
Homebound Property Maintenance have realised the need for this service and we now take the work out of disposing of your garden waste materials.

With our service, which caters for all garden waste requirements, we will remove and dispose of all kinds of garden waste to make your garden a cleaner brighter place to be.

If you would like a quote for this service please contact us in Kerry Cork and Limerick

Garden Design & Landscaping

We can provide you with a complete garden service including design, Landscaping, installation, planting, decking and paving including all your drainage needs.