Septic Tank Cleaning Kerry Cork

Septic Tank Cleaning in Kerryand limerick

Kerry Cleaners Septic Tank Cleaning Department provides waste removal services to both residential and commercial properties across Ireland.  We specialise in de-sludging septic tanks, wastewater treatment systems, cleaning grease traps and drain clearance, we also supply and sell top quality fully certified products to treat the sewage outflow from houses.

Our experienced team will ensure you receive an efficient, cost effective service.

How often should you empty your Septic Tank?

Septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems should be emptied at least once a year to reduce the chances of developing blockages in your pipes/system and to prevent overflowing.

We provide regular emptying services at intervals to suit you, scheduled to suit your needs, but we can also help in emergency situations or once off cleanings.

How often you empty your septic tank might also be determined by its size and/or what kind of waste goes into it,chemicals,  grease, oil or other pharmaceuticals.

What to do with Septic Waste.

Septic waste you can recycle water, wastewater generated from household activities that involve water, such as taking a shower or bath or washing up. Recycling is a good cost effective choice. We have a range of Rainwater Harvesting Products for Sale in Kerry and Cork.