Landscaping Services

Landscaping Services

Your home’s landscaping makes up its character. Its personality can bring admiration or nasty comments.

The costs for landscaping will hinge on your ambitions.

Landscaping should reflect your style? Or are you revamping your own yards? Regardless of the starting point, start with the big questions before you even start thinking about designs.

First ask yourself what do you want out of your landscape?

Do you need to create more privacy and security?

Do you want a landscape that requires little water or maintenance or do you want flower or vegetable beds snf will keep your hands covered with dirty all year round?

Landscaping projects can be expensive or affordable. They can be as simple as having a small lawn with a few flower beds or as complicated as having extensive rolling hills and pathways, with carefully chosen plants and trees.

They could include decks, ponds, decorative concrete pathways, outdoor misting systems and even fountains and waterfalls. This is an area that makes sense to find a landscaper. Homebound can give you quotes on different size projects.

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Concrete Driveway Installation

Kerry Cleaners Driveway Installation

Your Driveways is an essential part of any garden providing for both vehicular and pedestrian access to your property. We use a range of materials from natural gravels and edging to precast or man-made brick paving to create a functional and welcoming entrance to your property.

Kerry Cleaners employ a highly trained and experienced team of fitters who can complete your driveway installation in easy steps with a minimum of disruption to our clients lifestyles.

We excavate to a level and fill the area with hardcore.

Concrete is then poured, flattened and strengthened with fiber mesh or steel.

We then cut the expansion joint which prevents surface cracking or sinking in the newly installed driveway.

Types of driveway sealers

The most common types of driveway sealers are acrylic-resin based. Acrylic sealers provide the best performance characteristics for the cost, and they often are blended with epoxies, polyurethanes or silicones to improve performance, durability and water resistance.

Acrylics, themselves, are also available in different forms, with some types delivering better performance than others.

Styrene acrylic is a lower-performance acrylic resin that may yellow and degrade when exposed to direct sunlight. The best type of acrylic is a virgin or pure acrylic resin.

These sealers will last longer than styrene acrylics, with no yellowing.

Garden Landscaping Maintenance

Garden Clearance Landscaping Homebound

 Garden Clearance Landscaping Services Equipment Property owners get a sense of joy in keeping that they keep their garden landscaped and tidy.

Our Property Maintenance & Management team can provide you with the digging equipment including an experienced driver. We will be delighted to assist you with your gardening needs.

Garden or Garden Clearance

We can take the work out of disposing of your rubbish with our clearance service.
Homebound Property Maintenance have realised the need for this service and we now take the work out of disposing of your garden waste materials.

With our service, which caters for all garden waste requirements, we will remove and dispose of all kinds of garden waste to make your garden a cleaner brighter place to be.

If you would like a quote for this service please contact us in Kerry Cork and Limerick

Garden Design & Landscaping

We can provide you with a complete garden service including design, Landscaping, installation, planting, decking and paving including all your drainage needs.