Gutter Cleaning Kerry

Gutter Cleaning Kerry and Cork Ireland.

Gutter cleaning service in Kerry, Cork and Ireland. We clean gutters up to the 2nd storeys. Without using ladders or power washing them. Gutters should be cleaned at least once every two years.

We make use of ladders to clean your gutters. After manual cleaning we having the outside of the gutters cleaned with a water source.

It is important to have your gutters cleaned out, of all debris and weeds gather in your gutter, clogging it. If this happens your gutters are less effective for clearing the rainwater.

The weight of water and dirt can put a strain on your gutters causing them to weaken over along period of elevated use during winter.

Gutters are essential in weatherproofing your home.

It is important that to maintain a free flowing gutter system for a number of reasons:

Getting water to flow away from your house will protect the houses integrity.  It keeps nasty looking stains from developing on the structures of you home.

Rain running from your roof and falling too close to your house

Prevents overflow and keeps pathways ice free in the wintertime.

Fascia & Soffits Cleaning

Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Fascia And Soffit Cleaning Windows, Conservatories, Guttering in Ireland

Fascia & Soffits Cleaning Services, we clean fascia & soffit from the ground using telescopic poles, brushes and detergent. The best way to clean fascia and soffits. We can use a power washer, if that’s your preference.

Using high reach water fed pole system. Any height is accessible with our extendable pole system, thus ensuring that all white PVC comes up clean.

Power washing fascia & soffit can cause serious damage to your home. High pressure water is often blown through vents into the attic. It can also remove paint or peddle dashing from your walls.

If used too close to your windows it can blow the seals causing the gas between the panes of glass to leak out and condensation to get in leaving your windows looking dirty.

Our Services provide the best complete solution for cleaning your fascia and soffits in Kerry and Cork Ireland.

We can use water fed reach poles for washing gutters, fascias and PVC soffits without risk of accidents either to us or property. Our poles can reach up to 50ft high from ground level without causing water damage, as when power washing.  Water fed pole remove green algae and dirt is washed and brushed off.


Backyard Cleaning Cork Kerry

Back Yard Cleaning Services Kerry, Cork in Ireland. Yard Clean Up and Backyard Clearing Back Yard Clean up

We provide backyard cleaning services in Kerry, Cork and Ireland.  We specialise in yard clean up to enhance the look of your property.  We do garden clean up, lawn clean up, yard clearing as well as bush clearing in Kerry, Cork and Limerick. We get your yard to look like what you’ve envisioned by cleaning out all bush, debris and any other unwanted items. Clean Backyards

Our yard clean up teams can do simple yard clean up from mowing your lawn to cleaning up your yard after a storm. Our yard clean up teams will haul away all fallen branches, leaves and other trash for you after a storm or after the Autumn and spring seasons.

We’ll take care of all your yard cleaning to give your backyard a refined and renewed look.

House hold Items, Furniture Cleaning or removal, Construction Debris Removal, Appliances, Computers/Electronics Disposal, Estate Clearance, Estate Clearance, backyard debris landscaping, Other

Backyard Clean Up Services In Kerry and Cork

  • Backyard clean up Kerry and Cork
  • Garden clean up  Kerry and Cork
  •  Spring backyard clean up in Kerry and Cork
  • Lawn mowing Kerry and Cork
  •  Power washing Kerry and Cork
  • Rubbish removal Kerry and Cork
  • Hedge trimming  Kerry and Cork
  • Tree trimming Kerry and Cork

We offer Backyard Cleaning Services in the following Areas in Kerry, Cork

Other Services We Provide in Kerry, Cork and Ireland

  • Rubbish Removal & Trash Pick Up in Kerry and Cork
  • Estate Clean Up Kerry and Cork
  • Trash Removal Services in Kerry and Cork
  •  Office Cleaning and Janitorial Services
  • Pre and Post Construction Cleanup
  • Carpet Shampooing and Steam Cleaning
  • Furniture Shampoo in Kerry and Cork
  • Metal Marble and Glass Maintenance
  • Remodeling and Construction Services
  • Staffing & Specialty Services in Kerry and Cork
  • Commercial Cleaning in Kerry and Cork Ireland
  • Green Cleaning in Kerry and Cork Ireland
  • Mechanical Building Maintenance Kerry Cork Ireland
  • Cleaning Gutters Cork and Kerry Ireland
  • Drain Cleaning Cork Kerry and Ireland
  • General handyman services Cork Kerry and Ireland
  • Septic Tank Cleaning Kerry Cork and Ireland

What We Do

Power Washing

Window Cleaning Kerry and Cork. Window Washing in Cork and Kerry. Gutter Cleaning Cork, Kerry Ireland.

Power Washing Services Kerry and Cork

Power Washing

Kerry and Cork Window Cleaning offers outstanding outside power washing as part of our services…

  • Drive-ways, Drives and Patios power washed.
  • Footpaths power washed.
  • Paving tiles and slabs power washed.
  • Building Exteriors including extensions power washed.
  • Decking power washed.
  • Cladding power washed.
  • Walls and Fences power washed as needed.
  • Chimney Cleaning Service
  • Gutters Washing Services

Contact us for a deal on these services in either Kerry or Cork

One Off Cleanings Blitz House Cleaning

One Off Blitz Cleanings

One Off Clean, The Blitz Clean, Cleaners in Kerry and Cork Ireland

Any Time Cleaning Services:

Want your home completely dusted, polished, clean, fresh start any time of the year.

After Builders:

When they have finished, we can give you your house a through cleaning, dusting etc.

Are you moving or renting :

To do a top to bottom clean when you or tenants move out, or clean your new home before you move in.

Special Events/Occasions:

For special events like before or after a party. A Holy Communion, a Wedding, Confirmation or Birthdays – or before the family come to stay, we have a package for you.

What we do during a Spring Clean:

We can cover all the jobs in a regular clean plus any of the following:

  • Clean windows inside and out
  • Wash gloss work
  • Clean inside cabinets, cupboards, wardrobes etc
  • Clean inside ovens, fridges, microwaves etc
  • Polish or Clean silver, brass ornaments, cutlery etc
  • Wash all tiles, floor to ceiling, bathrooms and toilets
  • Polish floors

Office Cleaning

Kerry Cleaners office cleaning Commercial and Industrial Window & Carpet Cleaning Home & Apartment

Kerry Cleaners office cleaning Commercial and Industrial

The best contract cleaning company in Kerry and Cork, Ireland

Office cleaning and homes cleaned

Christmas cleaning Call Today for House Cleaning

Kerry Cleaners Cleaning Services is an Irish owned contract cleaning company specialising in providing high quality professional contract cleaning solutions for the following market sectors; Office Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, House Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning and Window Cleaning as well as Chimney Cleaning and gutter cleaning in Kerry and Cork.

Cleaning Services because of the lack of dependable, cost-efficient cleaning service provider. Since then our cleaning company has experienced rapid growth as a result of our focus on quality work man ship, staff and development, and above all customer service.

We now provide cleaning services to bars, restaurants, offices, industrial units and house cleaning.

We also clean homes/ houses and Apartments

We use eco-friendly carpet cleaning and window cleaning and chimney services to ensure the best possible care for your premises or home.

Contract Cleaning Services include…

  • Contract office cleaning services
  • Cleaning homes, apartment and offices for Kerry & Cork
  • Commercial AND industrial cleaning service
  • Home and Apartment and Office Cleaning Services
  • Carpet Cleaning & Window Cleaning and Chimney Cleaning Services and Drain Cleaning in Kerry

Specialist Cleaning Services to meet your needs.

We make sure all our Cleaning Services are of the highest standard including our specialized Carpet Cleaning Systems

Holiday Home Cleaning

Specialise in Holiday Home Cleaning

Most landlords take advantage of our holiday home special offers. Give us a booking list and we will choose the best time to clean your house. Usually 1 or two days between bookings. But if your booked out we can arrange a time to suit you your holidaymakers/tenants. A regular clean take a 4 hours block.

Chimney and gutter cleanings may be more if included.

Complete House Cleaning Service

Whether you are looking for a regular cleaning service, or a once off, cleaning up after a party, annual spring cleans or quarterly deep cleans in Cork or Kerry, we have a wide variety of residential cleaning services to match your requirements.

We take pride in leaving all our homes sparkling. That’s why we are Cork and Kerry’s leading house cleaning company.

Get in touch today via our contact page.

Kerry Cleaners Services for your domestic cleaning service, you will receive:

  • House Cleaning Service.
  • A reliable and trustworthy team of 2 cleaners, with checked references and trained to meet the very highest standards.
  • If you choose to have regular visits, the same team will be provided for every visit, so you feel comfortable knowing who is in your house. A replacement cleaner will be provided only in the event of illness or holiday is needed.